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Struise Black Damnation ll Moccha Bomb (330ml)

Volume: 330ml
Alcohol: 13% vol.

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De Struise Brouwers is an independent and active small brewery located in Oostvleteren, Belgium. Since 2005, De Struise Brouwers has also added barrel aging in the brewing process. De Struise Brouwers has an expanded chart of beer produced in cooperation with world-renowned breweries. The brewery has been well received by the global beer industry and is considered to be one of the top breweries in the world. The old fisherman’s “original version” was poured into French oak barrels and matured for 24 months. This is the old fisherman’s “cellar version”; the first bottling was on December 27, 2007. And at the fourteenth month, a part of the liquor was taken out from the oak barrel and changed into the apple brandy barrel for ten months.

🍺ABV 13%

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