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Westvleteren 8 (330ml)

Volume: 330 ml
Alcohol: 8% vol.

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$ 220.00

Westvleteren 8 is 12’s little and lesser known brother. It’s sadly also sometimes less appreciated, and is said by some to be the least popular (recognised by its blue bottle cap) of the active varieties made by the Sint-Sixtus monks.

But these are just opinions and malicious gossip and could be considered normal when your big brother is an international rock star and your little sister happens to be a fresh, crisp blonde.

The truth is that they are three different and very individual beers, this makes them almost impossible to compare to one another.

The Westvleteren 8 is a sweetish beer with a rich, malty complexity and a medium to good carbonation. It boasts a variety of fruity aromas as cherry, raisins, fig and even melon. A bit of spice and just a hint of bitterness are noticeable at the end.

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